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Integrinet IT offers a wide variety of IT services to fit your business goals

Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT Service

Realistic and cost-effective, outsourcing with Integrinet IT optimizes your system’s performance, so your business does not suffer from lack of IT manpower or expertise, while providing the flexibility to scale as your business demands. We focus on keeping your hardware, software, networks, and confidential data optimized and secure so you can focus on what you do best.

Remote IT Services

Remote IT Service

Integrinet IT’s offices are located in Utah and Idaho, not far from your business. This means you won’t be talking to someone in a foreign country. We care about keeping your IT ecosystem running at peak efficiency. Your issues are handled as quickly as possible.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

The industry-standard software we use allows us to monitor your network 24/7. This means that your business will have full-time technicians actively monitoring your system and are available to resolve any IT related issues. Our goal is to boost your business’ security and productivity.

Who We Are

Integrinet IT is a full-service IT company providing outsourced IT for small- to mid-sized businesses in Utah. Our 22 years of experience equips us with the skills to strategically keep all the layers of your network safe from cyberattacks and running at peak efficiency. Never far from your organization, our service engineers provide a personal, professional, and responsive approach when and where you need assistance.



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