“Integrinet IT has been great! Any IT issues or needs that we have in our office are quickly and efficiently taken care of. Stephen (our service team member that comes once a week) is absolutely amazing. He is friendly, knowledgeable, attentive, and honest. We often bounce ideas back and forth and he has been so helpful with not only taking care of our needs in our current building, but also in assisting with and providing resources for the new office we are relocating to. We love the service provided to us by Integrinet and the service team members they send out! Thank you for always having our company’s best interest in mind!”

— Kate Wolff, Paul Davis Restoration

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“We have been relying on IntegriNet for various technology services over the past several years and continue to be very happy with the level of service. In addition to the routine monitoring and upkeep involved with our server and network, we depend on Dave to go the extra mile from time to time. Fortunately he has always been available to help in situations like when virtually all our people needed help enabling work from home during COVID-19 shut down and when we have needed another workstation set up quickly for a new person starting and to attend an internal meeting to provide guidance on improving and maintaining the highest level of data security in protecting our client’s sensitive personal data.”

— Marshall Bratton, Certified Public Accountant


“I want to reach out to all of you to let you know how much I appreciate Chris Dent. I have been out of the office as a result of a family member testing positive for COVID so I have been in quarantine. This is my busy time of year at work and I was feeling extreme stress not being able to work. Chris went above and beyond the call of duty to help Foreland and myself. I am one of the older members of the staff and am not the most tech savvy. Chris set up a laptop for me with VPN hookup to my desktop computer at work. He set everything up so that all I had to do was plug the auxiliary keyboard and mouse in and work, work, work. He drove the laptop to my house in a blizzard up the Indy 500 (Highway 89). I opened the garage door and he set everything on my step and VOILA. I am a happy camper again. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate his service. He is currently my Hero. I just wanted you to all know.”

— Tori Thurston, Foreland Refining Corporation

“We love Steve. He is our preferred technician – IT professional. We’ve asked to always have him because we like him. He comes in and works quickly and gets everything done. He’s also great with customers and any of our employees as far as the customer service goes. We are extremely happy with his performance and the partnership with Integrinet. The responsiveness and the ticketing system have been great so far and I would credit Steve with that success since he is our dedicated professional. He is always really quick to respond to any of our tickets whether they’re immediate or if we schedule them. He is proactive in coordinating with all the different needs we have across our site. So, you guys are doing a really good job and we’re enjoying our partnership.”

— Leif Oldert, Paul Davis Restoration