Cybersecurity for your small business


We protect your internet-connected systems from cyber-threats and digital attacks.

Cybersecurity involves protection against various attacks. Some are aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying your sensitive information. Others are focused on extorting your money. And there are some attempting to interrupt your normal workflow. With our services, you will be confident we are watching out for system security with tools that are effective and efficient at keeping your systems safe.  

Protect Your Small Business

  • Antivirus Software
  • Firewalls
  • Zero Trust Architecture
Watch this video to learn some cybersecurity basics and learn how to put them into practice in your small business.

Click on the above image to watch a video created by the Federal Trade Commission on Cybersecurity for Small Businesses.

Cybersecurity Case Study

We once took over a network project for one of our clients where the users were complaining of slow traffic. Using the external internet was a very painful experience for all their employees. In an assessment, we determined there was a malware program that was using one of the computers on the network as a zombie computer. Cybercriminals had hacked into their business network and were using their resources and bandwidth for nefarious purposes. After scanning their network, we located the intruder based on an IP address and firewall traffic. Subsequently, we were able to take the computer off the network. We wiped the client’s network to get rid of the entire infection and we restored it to working order. We locked down the firewall, which blocks this type of traffic. Since then, the client’s network has been completely secure.

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