IT Services in Boise

IT Company in Boise

For over 22 years, Integrinet IT has helped businesses grow by optimizing and maintaining superior IT systems. Learn how we help Idaho organizations succeed with advanced IT services in Boise.


IT Services that Elevate Your Business

We deliver top-quality IT solutions across Idaho and Utah. Our expertise translates across all sectors including logistics, manufacturing, construction, law, financial, and educational industries. We carry out short-term projects and longstanding IT maintenance alike for our clients.

Integrinet IT has a high standard for excellence in outsourced IT services, and we’ve worked with many satisfied clients across Boise. With nearly 15,000 businesses operating in Ada County, ID, there is a need for improvements in productivity and security to remain competitive.

We believe we can help your company improve performance and achieve your potential with our tried and tested IT solutions.


Integrinet IT Services for Boise Businesses

Integrinet IT provides a wide range of IT solutions and services for Boise businesses:

Managed IT Service

Managed IT Services

Integrinet IT will optimize your IT infrastructure and provide the support and solutions your business needs to thrive. We provide everything from virtual CIO Consulting to everyday Help Desk support.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Flexibility and security are necessities for modern businesses; that’s why cloud services are taking off. We can get your business up to speed with faster, more convenient cloud technology. We offer Microsoft 365 and VoIP Phone Services as part of our flexible cloud package.

Cybersecurity for your small to medium-sized business


Our offerings include the highest level of security for your business, with firewalls, antivirus software, and zero-trust architecture. Our preventative approach to cybersecurity keeps your systems safe and productive.

24/7 Remote IT

24/7 Remote IT Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring systems watch for any suspicious activity so we can investigate it immediately. We also offer remote IT helpdesk support so we can respond to your problems exactly when you need us.

Onsite Computer Support

Integrinet IT provides regular onsite support for desktops and laptops, cabling, servers, switches, and other devices. Our skilled technicians can visit you onsite to aid with equipment setup, projects, and problems that need an in-person fix.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Do you have a plan in place if your IT network or server goes down? Integrinet is well-versed in disaster recovery and business continuity. We can help you prepare your IT systems for disasters. Our proven procedures and secure backup equipment keep your business running.

An Expert Boise IT Company You Can Trust

We have a qualified team of IT service engineers who are ready to speak with you and listen to your business needs. Our professionals know the IT solutions that will provide the right fit for your organization so that you can focus on growing your business. Here are some benefits of our managed IT services for business owners in Boise:

Business-Focused Technology Optimization

We don’t get caught up in the technology hype; we keep our focus centered around your business and the tools that will help it succeed. Our decades of experience tying technology to businesses is invaluable to setting up your IT strategy for long-term business success.

Tailored IT Solutions

Every organization has different needs, and we will customize a plan for your business based on your requirements. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-time project or a long-term contract; the standard will remain the same.

Unmatched IT Knowledge

Our experienced staff are on hand to provide guidance in everything from setting up a server to securing an email. Our expert team is always behind the scenes, monitoring your network, and ensuring that your business is up and running most efficiently.

Upgrade Your IT Today

We’re excited to get to know your business and share how we can help you optimize your IT for productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our Boise IT services and to start upgrading your IT today.