Integrinet IT Leadership


Ly Tran, CEO

Ly Tran


Ly Tran was born in Vietnam. During the war, the Khmer Rouge was forcing children to become soldiers. At 11 years old, Ly was a prime target. His parents snuck him out of the country by night, sending him on a boat to the US, where they hoped he would be safe, despite their fears and sorrows of never seeing him again. After many uncertain months on the boat, Ly was adopted by foster parents in Davis County, Utah. He has lived in Utah for the past 45 years. After Ly and Tamara married, they sponsored Ly’s parents and siblings to come live in the U.S. Ly enjoys playing sports (racquetball and soccer) and working outdoors on their lawn and garden.

Steve Noyce, Vice President

Steve Noyce


Steve Noyce is one of our key leaders who works predominantly behind the scenes on human resources, operations management, and contract administration. He has been with Integrinet IT for 7 years and with Rylex Consulting (another of Ly and Tami’s businesses) for 12. He was born in Ogden, Utah, grew up in Denver, Colorado, and went to high school in Grantsville, Utah. After graduating from Weber State University with a degree in English, he went on to get his Master’s in Business Administration. His career path has been in shipping/receiving, human resources for government contracting, and operations management/contract administration for Rylex and Integrinet IT. When not at work, Steve enjoys being a grandpa to 2 boys and 2 girls (with a third boy on the way!), reading, playing board games, biking, and vacationing in Kona, Hawaii. He’s an avid Star Wars fan, and he and his wife enjoy all things Disney. All those who work with him appreciate his communication and organizational skills. We are a collaborative organization with many moving pieces and changing scenarios needing attention. Talking through our issues, challenges, and options to arrive at a winning decision is a vital part of his role in maintaining the viability of our company and employees. We are fortunate to have his levelheaded guidance supporting our teams!

Joxu Zatica, Chief IT Director

Joxu Zatica


Joxu Zatica has been with Integrinet IT for more than 10 years and is well respected by the clients he serves. In addition to his degree from BSU in Computer Service Technology, he has acquired 16 years of hands-on IT experience out in the field. Joxu was born and raised in Idaho. He has two children – Maitea and Eli – and is engaged to be married. Coming from a strong Basque (Spain) family, he enjoys eating, drinking, and spending time with friends and family. When not working, you can find him camping, traveling, or playing video games with his kids.

Tegan Thredgold, Accounting Manager

Tegan Thredgold


Tegan is a mom of 5 – 4 kids and a new puppy. She was born and raised in Syracuse, Utah, and loves all things Christmas. She also enjoys musicals, plays, crafts, decorating, traveling, shopping, skiing, hiking, basketball, playing the piano, riding horses, and anything that allows her to spend time with her family. When it comes to her 12-year career in accounting (9 of those years working for Ly and Tamara Tran), she has always tried to provide the best customer service that she can give. And she extends that commitment to our clients here at Integrinet IT.

Cliff Gaunya, Operations Managert

Cliff Gaunya


Cliff Gaunya Grew up in Connecticut and joined the US Air Force right after High School.  He traveled the world and spent 6 years in Europe during the cold war.  He is also a Gulf War vet as an Avionics Technician supporting many fighter Jet platforms including the F-15 Eagle and the Thunderbirds. 

Cliff earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Boise State University.  He has acquired over 25 years of hands-on IT experience as an engineer, leader and manager.  He is happily married to his best friend and together they have 7 children. Growing up in an Italian family, he enjoys authentic Italian cooking.  In his spare time, he enjoys attending local sporting events and local music bands and loves going to St. Chappelle winery.  He also is a mountain biker and runner in the beautiful Boise foothills.

Maria Rosera, Office Administrator

Maria Rosera


Maria was born and raised in Boise. She has a background in real estate and property management and strives to maintain the professional, organized and detail-oriented skills she’s developed. When not at work, she and her family enjoy rock hounding, refurbishing used and cherished items, creating epoxy resin projects and mastering the care of their six snakes. She has already learned so much in her work for Integrinet IT and is excited about putting her knowledge to good use in the most innovative and efficient ways as she continues to learn from her IntegriNet family.

Aeryun Tran, Graphic Designer

Aeryun Tran


Far from her native South Korea, Aeryun has come a long way to make sure that all of our content at Integrinet IT is aesthetically up to snuff. Aeryun was born and raised in South Korea and moved to Utah in 2011 to study English. She later received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from BYU Idaho in 2020 and has never looked back. After joining the Integrinet IT team in May of 2020 Aeryun has proved to be a valuable asset and a wonderful addition to Integrinet IT.

Ryan Tran, Marketing Manager

Ryan Tran


Ryan was born and raised in Davis County, Utah. After graduating from high school, he served a two-year volunteer mission for his church in Vietnam and is now fluent in the language. Currently a student at the University of Utah, he is working towards a degree in Information Systems. Ryan and his wife, Aeryun, are expecting their first baby any day now (as of this writing 9/10/21)! A natural entrepreneur, he has already been involved in many business ventures. He is passionate about working out, wellness, and nutrition. A man of many talents, he is an amazing photographer, artist, and guitarist. In any collaborative team environment, he is a consensus builder, seeking to meet the interests and goals of everyone involved. As the marketing manager for Integrinet IT, he brings market intuition, creativity, and precision.