We offer a free assessment of your IT systems

Free Assessment

We Offer a Free IT Risk Assessment

Free Assessment

Why should your company undergo a periodic network assessment when everything appears to be working fine? Every business decision or action has a reaction. Conversely, inaction may leave you vulnerable to security breaches. A network assessment identifies the challenges and risks at work in your business.

  • An Integrinet IT network assessment provides a thorough overview of your company’s security assumptions and limitations, identifying risks and providing recommended safeguards.
  • Stabilization assessment detects vulnerabilities in your network—from misconfigured firewalls and data leaks to intellectual property violations and more.
  • Assessment reviews your mobile operations and corporate policy for risks associated with data vulnerabilities, liabilities, and loss.
  • Regulatory compliance is a growing aspect of business in many industries such as healthcare, real estate, and finance. A network assessment identifies challenges and opportunities existing in your operations.

Sometimes a security breach is about what you don’t know. In most cases companies were never aware of what hit them. A comprehensive IT security risk assessment can prevent breaches, reduce the impact of realized breaches, and keep your clients’ information secure. Contact us today for a free assessment.

At Integrinet IT, we provide a comprehensive network assessment that evaluates security, stabilization, mobile devices, and regulatory compliance requirements.

If your business has not had a professional network assessment in the last year, consider contacting us today!

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    System Health Check

    We evaluate the overall health of your server, software applications, and domains to eliminate security risk and enable you and your teams to continue operating your business at peak efficiency.

    • Check updates of operating system and software status and license
    • Evaluate Server Logs
    • Assess adequate RAM, storage, processor health & usage levels
    • Diagnose any hard drive or RAID issues
    • Ensure AntiVirus software is fully functional and updated
    • Check for backups and confirm automated backups are running
    • Certify that remote desktop applications are fully functional and secure

    Email Health Check

    We verify that your email is functioning properly, securely, facilitating clear and essential communication between your teams and clients.

    • Check updates of onsite email exchange
    • Pull list of active email accounts being used
    • Suggest what needs to be updated and improved in email applications
    • Check for Office 365 dual-factor authentication

    Network Health Check

    We will examine your computers, servers, and network gear to make sure all IT items are updated and compatible with the global network that you work with.

    • Reduce compliance issues with end-of-life (outdated and unsupported) products
    • Ensure network configurations
    • Check if firewalls are active and current
    • Assess overall network safety and security
    • Check remote connection of employees that work offsite and still have access to office network computers

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    The result of your IT Risk Assessment is a comprehensive view of your overall security posture.