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What if I forget my client login?

Contact your technician or Account Manager and we can reset it for you.

Where are your technicians located?

Integrinet IT has IT technicians serving the Utah and Idaho areas.

Are your technicians certified?

Yes. All Integrinet IT technicians are experienced and certified professionals ready to provide high-quality and attentive Outsourced IT services that your business needs.

How many IT technicians will be assigned to my business?

Two IT technicians will be assigned to you. One dedicated technician, as well as a back-up IT technician, this way you will know who you will be working with.

How do I get a hold of my technician if I need immediate assistance?

Personal phone number, Dispatch or by calling the main office.

How much do I have to pay for the services I choose?

Your payment will vary depending on your business and goals. Contact us today to discuss the IT solutions that will benefit your business.

How do I cancel my services?

We do not require contracts. We earn your business every day by providing the highest service possible. If you would like to stop services you can contact your Service technician, Team Supervisor or Account Manager.


What kind of services does Integrinet IT offer?

Everything from Outsourced IT Services, Network Solutions, Network Monitoring to Remote IT, Database Integration, Hosting, Maintenance, Programming, and Development. We personalize our services to your business!

Should I choose to outsource my IT services?

Every business is different, which is why we want to learn more about your organization. However, every business who chooses to outsourcing will benefit from lower labor costs, efficiency improvement and more. Additional information can be found here.

What is remote monitoring?

For a flat monthly fee, you will have access to Integrinet IT’s Service Engineers. Our Remote IT Solutions also allows you to submit tickets for all server maintenance and workstation issues.

Does Integrinet host or maintain websites?

Yes, we offer hosting and maintenance services. This service is part of our full suite of technology solutions. Learn more about our hosting and maintenance services.

Can Integrinet IT help my business implement software development applications?

Definitely! Our Integrinet IT technicians can design new custom software solutions or work with existing software. Learn more about our custom software development solutions that will support your business.


What kind of hardware and software services does Integrinet IT offer?

Integrinet IT offers Microsoft, Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, and Dell. However, we also offer computer repair, hardware support, and software support. Find more information here.

Why should I invest in antivirus protection?

Having the right internet security protection system will help your business avoid potential data theft. The Integrinet IT services offered will protect your data against internal and external breaches. We recommend employing  multiple layered defenses to give your computer systems better protection. Learn more about this security model.

I want to make a switch to the cloud.

That is great, we can help you! Compared to hardware and software technologies, the cloud is an affordable and flexible option. Learn what makes the cloud a powerful option for your business.

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