Dropped VoIP Calls and Intermittent Internet Connection

Posted by Steve Peterson on September 24, 2020
Cloud Services

We had a new client in the construction industry. Before we started managing their technology services, they had issues with a weak internet connection and dropped calls. They had a VoIP phone system and it never seemed to work right. Their previous IT company had tried to resolve this problem by separating the phone and the computer networks, but their connection problems persisted.

When they changed their managed services provider to Integrinet IT, I was assigned as their service engineer. I investigated the problem and discovered that their DNS record was not set up correctly. Essentially their issues were caused by inattention to details. I plugged in the correct DNS numbers and their problem was solved. Now they have a reliable VoIP phone system and a strong internet connection.

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About the Author

Steve Peterson is one of our service engineers in the Salt Lake City area. Backed by a team of ten techs, he services clients from Ogden to Payson. If you are considering an upgrade to VoIP, please give us a call at (844) 400-0616.