CMMC Compliance

Nist Assessment & CMMC Compliance

NIST Assessment & CMMC Certification

The NIST Assessment and CMMC certification is a requirement for all Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and supply chain members. Continued business with DoD organizations will require demonstrable compliance with the NIST cybersecurity assessment.

Our NIST Assessment, DFARS AUDIT & CMMC Preparation process has three key components:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Control & Process Development
  • Implementation

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NIST Assessment Preparation Process in Utah & Idaho

Our team will help your business prepare for the NIST SP 800-171.

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Our team will conduct a detailed and thorough assessment of your current network, technology, documentation, operating controls and security processes. Results will be assessed against the controls and processes required by CMMC and NIST SP 800-171. The assessment is the baseline for any control/process development to achieve your desired CMMC level.

Control & Process Development

Control & Process Development

There are 110 areas identified in NIST SP 800-171, DFARS, and CMMC. We design your company’s controls and processes to address all pertinent areas of the requirements specific to your desired NIST assessment level. Key items include a Systems Security Plan (SSP) and a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) which demonstrate your company’s commitment to cybersecurity and the implementation of required controls.

Implement IT Solutions


Our team, in conjunction with your designated technology managers, will implement the controls described in the SSP and POA&M documentation. We will train your managers on the control areas and processes so that your organization can be a self-managed CMMC compliant operation and well-prepared for an official DFARS audit.

Boise, Idaho

Expert DFARS Audit Preparation Solutions for Utah & Idaho Business Owners

Choose a local managed service provider that understands NIST requirements. With our experience and expertise, we can help you achieve demonstrable compliance. Let us assist you to meet your company’s commitment to cybersecurity and the implementation of required controls so you can continue providing top-level products and services to the Department of Defense.

Our managed IT services in Idaho and Utah provide government contractors like you with the guidance you need to demonstrate CMMC compliance. With our aid, you can ensure your current network, technology, documentation, and security protocols meet your desired NIST assessment level.

Why Choose Integrinet IT for Your NIST Assessment Preparation Needs?

Here are some benefits of our NIST processes and technology controls for DoD contractors in Utah and Idaho:

Expert Consultants

Expert Consultants

Senior-level business technology consultant to oversee the development and implementation of your CMMC program.

Collaborative and Progressive

Collaborative & Progressive

Collaborative progress meetings held according to your schedule and timeline.

Managed Implementation & Training

Managed Implementation & Training

We train your team on the controls and processes so that you can be a self-managed CMMC compliant operation and well-prepared for an official CMMC audit.

Small and Medium-sized businesses that are government contractors need CMMC compliance

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